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Carta helps companies simplify equity management. Manage your equity plans, digitize your cap table and run liquidity events, all on one platform.

Companies with less than $1M raised and/or up to 25 stakeholders, get access to Carta Launch for $100 . When you upgrade to a paid plan, receive a 20% discount on your first year subscription and waived implementation fees.

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Carta simplifies equity management

Single source of truth

Carta cap tables update with every transaction in real time, so they stay accurate. Founders, lawyers and finance teams can save time and money on costly cleanup.

Primary features include

Generating SAFEs, scenario modeling, expense reporting, investor updates and more.

No more paperwork

Employers can issue all security types and send grants for board approval via Carta. Employees and investors can accept electronic securities and exercise options.

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Get over $100,000 in special discounts on products and tools with the Carta Startup Stack.


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